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Personal Care

Where do we start? During the years we were open we tried a lot of different products, so the items we're recommending are a combination of ones that are our personal favourites and others which were definite customer favourites.

Jungle Culture are one of our favourite brands because their products are not only well made, they're reasonably priced too. 

Click the images to take you to your favourite choice...

A more recent product that Jungle Culture have started selling are their 18 pack of reusable make-up remover pads, mix of black & white. These are made of soft organic cotton bamboo and come with 2 storage/ wash bags.

Click the image to see more information.

Wild deodorants always flew out because of their popularity. Their website pushes you down the subscription route which many of you weren't comfortable with.

The starter packs come with the case - Coconut & Vanilla (pink case) or Fresh Cotton & Sea Salt (green case) - click on either image. 

...and buy your refills only when you need to... 

Bluebeards Revenge was a business we started working with more recently, with more masculine fragrances. Their shampoo bars work really well and rinse out easily but what originally caught our eye about their products was the refillable antiperspirants. Natural deodorants don't contain aluminium (which helps to prevent sweating), so if you really need to curb your perspiration you'll probably need an antiperspirant. The Bluebeards Revenge antiperspirants contain aluminium but are vegan and come in a refillable roll-on (50ml) and refill pouches (x10 refills). Click on the images.  

The other product is the amazing smelling shampoo bars - I regularly 'borrow' my husband's bar! Our favourite scent is Classic. Click the image.

UpCircle - known for its great credentials: cruelty free, a certified B Corporation, vegan, oh and amazing quality beauty products made from natural ingredients!

Pack of 200 bamboo cotton buds. Click the image.

Need to get the last tiny bits out of the tube? This is what you need! (also good for tomato puree tubes!) Click the image.

Which coffee face scrub is your type? Click the images.

This hydrating face mask minimises the appearance of pores and prevents breakouts, all in just 10 minutes. Koalin clay combined with aloe vera, coconut powder and baobab oil leaves skin feeling softer, smoother, refreshed and balanced. Click the image.

Wild & Stone plastic free hair ties - various colour combinations

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