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Miniml liquids are made from natural ingredients - they're cruelty free, vegan and and are a UK business. The links below will take you to their 5 litre options - this is a really economical way of buying your liquids and once you've finished with the container, send it back and they'll wash it out and reuse it.

Doing the dishes...

Washing-up Liquid 5 litres

Dishwasher Rinse Aid 5 litres 

Doing the laundry...

Laundry Liquid 5 litres

Fabric Conditioner 5 litres

Handwash 5 litres...

A basic pump is easier than a funnel!

5L pump - Amazon.jpg

These 5 litre pumps mean you can transfer from your 5 litre container without having to lift and pour into a funnel. The ones we had in the shop were a crazy angle - we've since spotted these (these are not affiliated with Miniml). Quite good savings if you buy more than 1.

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